Why Endodontic Therapy Is so Important for an Infected Tooth

Endodontics Morrisville, NC

Endodontic therapy is a treatment capable of removing infection in a tooth. This root canal therapy can also protect the treated tooth from future bacterial infections. You can get this treatment from your general dentist. If you want to know why endodontic therapy is vital for an infected tooth, here are the details.

Prevents the tooth from dying

The general dentist can recommend an endodontic treatment if the tooth has an infected pulp but intact tooth structure. Any dentist would want to retain the natural tooth. The tooth has been part of the person since childhood. Endodontic treatment can restore the tooth and make it a good tool for eating and speaking again.

Extracting the tooth will result in a dental replacement. This can be a fixed bridge, denture, or dental implant. These replacements do not connect to the gums and jawbone the natural way. The closest to a complete tooth system is an implant. Even so, knowing and feeling an artificial tooth in the mouth can be a strange thing.

Ends the pain and inflammation

An abscessed tooth is a severe tooth infection. Bacterial infection in the tooth root will manifest as a cyst at the side of the tooth. This is a pimple-like growth. It is painful, with some swelling in the surrounding gum tissue. The tooth will still function. The general dentist just needs to perform an endodontic procedure.

This treatment involves cleaning out the infected pulp. Then, the dentist will disinfect and dry the space. Gutta-percha will fill the tooth, stabilizing it. A dental crown will cover the exposed area of the tooth and shield it from further infection or injury.

Restores the function of the tooth

Infection in a tooth will stop the person from doing anything. The throbbing pain and swelling can prevent the person from eating, speaking, or even moving at all. This type of discomfort needs attention right away. The general dentist will remove the source of infection. This endodontic procedure will end the patient’s pain in that specific tooth. Without the pain, the tooth could bite and chew again.

Improves digestion

Failure to use a tooth prevents the person from eating in a normal way. The pain and swelling from an infected tooth make biting and chewing impossible for most people. This prevents the person from breaking down large pieces of food into digestible sizes. Food enters the stomach in big chunks. This causes indigestion. The individual then becomes sick.

Endodontic treatment can remove the infection and make the tooth stronger. The gutta-percha will prevent re-infection. The dental crown over the treated tooth will hold it together. It can also protect the tooth from further damage. The renewed tooth will have more bite and chew force. This allows the person to break down food better before it reaches the stomach.

Endodontic treatment can bring back your tooth’s former glory

It is almost impossible for anyone to eat, speak, or smile with an infected tooth. You may even find it impossible to move because of the throbbing pain. Your general dentist can perform an endodontic procedure to remove the infection and stop the pain and swelling. Seeing your dentist will determine if an endodontic treatment can still help your infected tooth.

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